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In this day and age we are inundated by every imaginable media source hitting us over the head with things we could more or less do without. Matter of fact it’s usually spammy media and information that we could care less about! It would seem that these outlets have “it” “figured out” and they know exactly what we want and need. But how? Our DNA isn’t made of the same analytics they use to target and bombard us with the mindless jibber jabber! Where’s the love? The comradery? The general sense that the mind of the writer is somewhat in tune with the scene and industry without trying to woo me with words I’d never use on any given day?

While this is the hand we’ve been dealt and we can complain all we want about it, we are still taking part in it by being connected on social media and the world wide web altogether. So why not make the best of it!?

That’s what UNLEAVEANED SHRED is all about! It’s a blog that is headquartered at LSL Instruments in Santa Clarita, CA. But we don’t just write about LSL related content. Of course if we build an insanely unique guitar that we think is worth writing about, we’ll do it! (https://unleavenedshred.wordpress.com/2017/06/13/the-bastacaster-story-by-lsl-instruments/)bastacaster3

If we are partaking in all the madness of NAMM and come across some seriously amazing woods that make an incredible guitar….. We’ll tell you about it!! (https://unleavenedshred.wordpress.com/2017/05/07/experiments-with-roasted-flame-maple-tops-pay-off-with-spectacular-tone/)Ah

If we build a guitar for an artist that totally breaks the mold of what we’ve traditionally built in the past… If that build had to be programmed from the ground up and is going on tour with a huge metal band that we’d never expected to work with in a million years!!!! Yeah man!!! We’ll write about it!! (https://unleavenedshred.wordpress.com/2017/05/30/lsl-instruments-presents-the-27-5-scale-bari-bone/)  (https://www.instagram.com/p/BVVH8DrgMCy/?taken-by=lslinstruments)


If we sign an artist that is already known and loved by the masses and we’re excited about it, we indefinitely will share the good news! (https://unleavenedshred.wordpress.com/2017/06/10/lsl-instruments-presents-premier-artist-artur-menezes/)Art1

But that’s not all we’re about!……..

We’ve created a place for you to join the discussion. A place where you can share your music, passion, talent and most importantly a place where you can see others passion played out across 22 or 24frets all day long! We’ve chosen Instagram as our home and have been up and running for a few months now with great response.

https://www.instagram.com/unleavened_shred/, #unleavenedshred, @unleavened_shred

We’re here to talk to you as a friend in the industry that communicates with you on that very level. We’d like to invite you to comment and share your thoughts with us daily, as we provide you with just plain old fashioned fun yet shred worthy content!

Tag us at #unleavenedshred or Direct message us your videos to be considered for a feature on the page. We’d love to review your content and share it if all goes well. We’d love to review your new album and share your cover art and a link to your bands page to help you grow. We’re here to help you enjoy all things guitar related and shred worthy so please accept our invitation to follow us on Instagram at

https://www.instagram.com/unleavened_shred/, @unleavened_shred and let’s continue to grow together!

We’d like to thank all of you who have already followed us and who participate in our bantering about content we hope you’ll like! and also big shout out to @guitars_daily (https://www.instagram.com/guitarsdaily/) for helping us to reach tens of thousands of future followers while we’re just getting started! We’d also like to thank everyone at @pickupjazz for all their support!

What's your dream instrument? @art_menezes testing out a @lslinstruments guitar

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Here’s a taste of what you’ll see with UNLEAVENED SHRED!!!!! See you There!!

@adamarchitects of @architects on his 27.5" scale Baribone!! #longscale #unleavenedshred #baritone #nonemoreblack

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Long live Mick!!!! Available @mattsmusiccenter exclusively!

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@jasonderulo guitarist @kerry2smooth chooses LSL!

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The Bastacaster Story! by LSL Instruments


Our good friend Dave Lewis over at Nstuff Music came to us a while back with an idea for a build that a few other reputable customs shops had turned down for various reasons that we won’t digress into. When we heard the specs and who it was for we decided that we were up to the challenge. We said YES!

The idea was a mix of a few of our existing builds, but it was nothing like we’d ever built before. We’ll lay it out and see if you can follow along:

*The customer wanted a T style guitar with an F-hole, and semi hollow body. ** Our Soledad model has 2 F-holes, so that had to be modified down to one.

*The customer wanted a Bigsby bridge. ** Our Soledad comes with an ashtray bridge so we borrowed from our Big Bone which comes with a Bigsby.

*The customer wanted a bridge Humbucker and a TV Jones Neck pickup which required custom routing to fill that request.

*The customer wanted x2 volumes and x2 tones. ** Neither our Soledad or our Big Bone had that option so we had to borrow from our Tbone 7C model which offers a full pickguard (that now needed to be custom made to fit the TV Jones neck pup) and x2 volume x2 tone.

*A few other specs that needed to be custom made were; MOP block inlays, custom paint job, reversed headstock, custom wiring, hand shaped neck and custom body routing to withstand the usage of the Bigsby bridge!



June 9 at 8:07am ·

Davey Child was finally united with his dream guitar! He was all smiles once he got his custom-built LSL Soladita guitar (Nick- named “The Bastacaster”)

Dave put all his favorite specs together to come up with this bad girl….Yes its a girl. An all Ash semi-hollow body, Seymour Duncan Custom 5 in the bridge, and A TV Jones Brian Setzer pickup in the neck make really give the Bastacaster a broad sonic landscape. The Luminlay glow-in-the-dark side neck markers will make seeing his neck even the seediest, darkest and smokiest after-hours clubs his band “Those Gorgeous Bastards” gig frequently.

The custom profile neck made out of 1/4 sawn flame maple fit in Dave’s hands like a well worn glove to top off the whole deal! Davey wanted this guitar to be a total retro glam punk experience, and had a Bigsby trem installed, to really drive it home

LsL instruments did a killer job on the aging of this guitar, customer who saw the Bastacaster wanted to know how old it was because it really looked like a well played vintage axe.

So if you have a guitar in your head that is dying to make a reality…. then N Stuff Music and LsL Instruments can make it a reality! #nstuffmusic#lslinstruments#customguitar#thosegorgeousbastards 




Picked up the Bastacaster yesterday and I absolutely love it!!! You guys did an awesome job with it. Unfortunately, I immediately had to go out of town yesterday for a family trip so I am not spending time with it right now…lol…Took everything in me not to pack in the car! I can not wait to get back home on Monday!

The guitar sounds amazing!!! The resonance is unreal and the Brian Setzer in the neck is unreal. Probably the first neck pickup that I have that isn’t just a hole filler! Set up was great and the neck felt like an old friend.

The relicing and everything was just awesome. PnS got some pics and posted. I will be trying to a photo shoot with it and worse case will try to plenty of live shots when we head back out on the 20th! Thanks again for everything!

Thanks for taking the time to hear Davey Childs Story! We hope to have more like it in the near future!


LSL Instruments Presents Premier Artist – Artur Menezes!




Artur Menezes is a high-energetic guitarist and plays with such a feeling that impresses the crowds. Because of this has become known as “the new rising star of the blues in Latin America and beyond” and one of the most requested blues artists in Brazil.


In addition to performing the traditional blues with expertise and respect, he also plays modern blues, mixing with other styles.  


Now based in LA, he’s making his name playing around California. He won the Santa Clarita Valley Blues Society Challenge and he performed at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, among over 250 bands from all over the world.


Last year he was the headline of inumerous festivals in Brazil. In 2014, headline at Augustibluus Festival in Estonia and played in clubs in UK. In 2015, he had a tour in Mexico and in 2013 in Argentina.


In 2012, Artur played the openings for Buddy Guy’s South American tour in Brazil. Artur lived in Chicago years ago and played in many blues clubs with great artists and also jammed with Buddy Guy.


LSL Instruments Presents The 27.5″ Scale Bari-Bone!


We here at LSL Instruments are thrilled to release our newest offering! The Bari Bone!


The build itself was not on our horizon initially, however a conversation with our good friend Adam Christianson (https://www.instagram.com/adamarchitects/) of the U.K. based Metalcore band Architects (https://www.instagram.com/architects/) changed everything!

Adam was in need of another Baritone for touring to use on their songs that require F# tuning such as Gravedigger, Match Made In Heaven and Gone With The Wind, etc…

He already owns a pretty killer Mayones Baritone however swapping tuning that low on a constant basis is less than ideal, so the need for another arose. We decided to step up to the challenge and build this beast! After extensive talks about what his experiences had been so far with other Bari’s, we went spec by spec and hammered out the details.

We had roughly 8 weeks before the band left on their European leg of their current touring schedule, so time was of the essence. Lance and I sat down day after day nailing down the programming and deciding what would be most ideal from a production standpoint, yet most comfortable from a players standpoint. The Bari-Bone is loaded with comfort cuts, ranging from forearm and tummy to a specially carved hand contour and curved neck plate angles for better access to the highest registry. We began with each cut at a minimal carve, then went in by hand to achieve optimal results and take it in little by little for that fit that was “Just Right”.

We went with and Alder body which was intended to give the build a balanced tone that would have great mid presence without too much boom on the bottom end and not too much snap on the top end. Adam is used to a dual humbucker setup so that was an easy call, and he has no need for a tone knob so all we had to consider was his custom switch and volume placement. I’ve known Adam for years now and that meant that I already knew that the Hipshot hard tail was an absolute necessity. We went with black hardware to improve it’s metal factor by 50% \m/! However in preparing the build for QC we saw that a mix of black and chrome hardware was actually a classy touch that everyone including Adam approved of.

For the neck he chose Roasted Flame Maple. This is a must for the touring musician that has dates all over the globe. The minimal moisture content is key to a stable neck in nearly any environment. Fore more insight on our experience with roasted maple please see our previous blog post on this specific topic.

( https://unleavenedshred.wordpress.com/2017/05/07/experiments-with-roasted-flame-maple-tops-pay-off-with-spectacular-tone/)

I myself am somewhat of a metal head when it comes to choice of music and this influences my choices in woods when specking a custom build. In this case both Adam and I had agreed that there was no other way to go on this build than with an Ebony fretboard! It has such a tight and percussive response to it. It was the only logical solution to a build built for the blistering shred and brutal breakdowns of ARCHITECTS!

As for neck shapes, we went with something we don’t do often. We are known world wide for being an elite vintage guitar builder, so we are mainly running C’s and soft V’s in either a slim, medium, or fat shape. Shred guitarists around the globe have become more accustomed to slimmer and flatter neck shapes, so we broke the mold for him. All of our necks are hand shaped so we have the ability to “feel” out a great shape along the way. A Slim “D” was the goal and we decided that it was necessary to remove a bit more shoulder than usual to thin it out and give that slim feel all the way up. We will most likely run a second identical build soon with more of a compound shape that gets fatter as you go up the neck just to test those waters. We topped off the neck with a satin finish and  stainless steel frets. Stainless steel is a must for the traveling musician due to its resilience and resistance to dings and dents. The last thing you want is to have to refret a build mid tour!

In the end, we got the build out the door with one day left to spare before ARCHITECTS hit the road again, and we are very much looking forward to seeing Bari on the road making killer music for ARCHITECTS amazing fan base!

Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with Adam Christianson in the coming weeks once he’s got some stories from the road under his and Bari’s belt!


Bari’s Specs:

27.5″ Baritone

Modified Bad Bone 2 Body

Alder Body

Black Satin Nitro Cellulose Finish

Roasted Flame Maple Neck

Ebony Fretboard

6105 Stainless Steel Frets

Thin “D” Shape Neck With Shaved Shoulders

Custom Hand Wound Chrome Covered Humbuckers

Hipshot Hard Tail Bridge

3 Way Blade Switch

1 Volume, No Tone

Hand Carved Neck

Hand Carved Custom Body Contours








LSL Instruments Beginnings 


img_1789Our Beginning
LsL Instruments was born in the cheap, sweaty, sticky-floored bars in Shanghai and Dongguan, China. No, they’re not made in China. Born. While I was in China, I did a fair amount of playing guitar in those very same, cheap, sticky-floored bars. In fact, I re-acquainted myself with the guitar and how I started my long career in woodworking – making guitars.

In China I was running the large woodworking and furniture factory six, long days a week, and at night I was often found playing music in bars. But burning the candle at both ends wasn’t working out so well. Not to mention being away from my family. It was time to come home to the U.S.

I had been playing a Fender® Nashville, B-Bender guitar in China but it was time, I felt, to have a real guitar. My wife, Lisa, and I are both lifelong woodworkers so we had a fairly nice, well equipped woodshop in the garage. And since I could not purchase the vintage guitar that I wanted, I figured that I could make it (while continuing my job hunt). Because I had built guitars before, I knew I could do it. So the T Bone was born out of a need (or at least a really, really want) for a guitar that played and sounded like the real thing. You know, the kind of instrument that magically sucks the music out of you. That kind.

I spent months (the job hunt wasn’t going all that well) building jigs, templates, measuring, listening and finally building the guitar. I wanted that ’52 but there was no way that was going to happen. Mine had to be the same or even better. Then, after a considerable amount of time, the first chord.

Is it me or is this guitar killer? Must be me . . . So I brought her down to Cal Vintage Guitar and Amp and handed it over to one incredible (and honest), guitar player, Tommy Kay. He’s the kind of guy who can play anything in any style in any key at any time. And he wouldn’t pull any punches with his opinion either. Just what I needed. So I handed it over:
He played. I watched and sweated.

“You made this?”, “Yes” I told him.
“You made the body? You made the neck?”
“I made it all. The body, the neck, the pickguard, everything except some of the metal parts.” I replied.
“I’m blown away. Can you make another?”

Whew! I did it. It was exactly what I was going for, that ol ’52. And it turned out that a lot of people seemed to agree with Tommy. And LsL was born. Clearly it’s been some kind of miracle. I’d actually made the guitar I wanted and it turns out, a lot of other people wanted one, too. The kind of guitar that just sucks the music right out of you!
And we all at LsL continue to do just, exactly that, every day.











Experiments With Roasted Flame Maple Tops Pay Off With Spectacular Tone!

A while back we decided to do something we’d never done before and it’s been an amazing ride! We released the new XT3-DX! (https://unleavenedshred.wordpress.com/2016/10/26/lsl-instruments-xt3-dx-release/)

Dealers around the globe have embraced this new LSL Instruments offering with enthusiasm that would make any manufacturer happy. We thank all of our dealers that have embraced the new model and we will list the links soon of where you will be able to find the XT3-DX once our first production run is complete!

So Lance and I were at Winter NAMM 2017 meeting and greeting hundreds of LSL fans throughout the weekend, when on that Saturday evening we decided to walk the underbelly of the show and see what was lurking beneath. Lots of great companies showing off what they’re most proud of for the new year and some “interesting” items to say the least we found on our journey through the NAMM underworld.

We chatted with a great wood supplier that had everything we were looking for and more. Then on our way back, believing we had seen it all, we came across a booth of another (more northern located) wood supplier, right in the middle of the floor that had some of the most interesting offerings I’d seen in a long while. A darkened and deeply grained book matched flame maple top! Man I have been in the custom guitar game since 99’ and specking them for customers special orders with some big companies since 2004, and not once had this come across my desk!

Now for those of you who are in the learning phases or just curious about the woods properties, I’ll give you a quick snapshot of what I have learned after specking hundreds of builds using the material. The basic idea is that by “roasting” or “baking” the maple it rids the wood of most impurities and moisture. This means that what would have taken decades to happen naturally, is literally delivered to you on day one. I have worked with Roasted Alder, Swamp Ash, and Mahogany in the past for body woods as well, and they have very similar results. More boom, more snap, greater sustain and resonance and all around just amazing results!

The one thing that these woods were lacking, with the exception of Roasted flamed and Birdseye necks and fingerboards, was the inability to get a roasted body with an exotic look to it because the hues just didn’t match up. So you ended up with either a black back or had to get creative with colors to make it come alive. When I saw the Roasted Flame “6A” top and it’s little brother Roasted Birdseye top, I had to jump at the opportunity to put them to the test!

Knowing that Mahogany always plays nice with Maple, we decided that would be our body wood of choice. My curiosity of what would happen by pairing a Roasted Flame Maple neck with the build drove me to madness so that was our neck wood and fingerboard selection for the build. The neck joint is extremely important for long lasting sustain and brilliant resonance, and with ours being as tight as they get, holding the maple neck snuggly to the roasted top, we had a hunch that would play out well. We ran it with an HSH configuration to give it every tonal possibility available and added a coil tap to make the highly sought after single coil tones available as well. Stainless steel frets were used, simply because any player that would buy this build would demand them. And the rest was all meat and potatoes guitar building the old fashioned way. We gave it the same love and care and old school building techniques we’d put into our vintage guitars.

The result was phenomenal!! Once the build was complete, I could not wait to give it a go! I took it into our sound booth and turned up the high gain channel on our shop amp, and was floored! Better yet,the response when played acoustically was astounding. The body resonated right into my rib cage and set my soul on fire! I don’t know if you’ve ever held and played a solid bodied instrument that vibrates through your spinal column when strummed unplugged but if you haven’t, then you really do need to get your hands on one that does for a point of reference. It enhances attack and response across the board and tells the tale of your tones in a crystal clear fashion when plugged in and pushed through a nice tube amp.

In the end, finding the woods were by chance, but when put through the old school style of building guitars, it sounds a bit more like destiny played a part. You will be seeing many more of these comng through the shop and we truly can’t wait to use the wood on a Tbone soon to see how it effects the playability of a true vintage instrument when built like they were in 52’!

Thanks again for reading and supporting the blog! Feel free to ask any questions and we will answer them here or on our social media pages listed below!




LSL Artist Toby Friesen talks about his new Topanga “Sling”. On tour with Jeremy Camp!

Toby 3

LSL Artist Toby Friesen has been using “Sling” on tour with chart topping artist Jeremy Camp and we’re excited to hear what he has to say about his experience so far! When we asked Toby what model LSL he wanted to take on his recent tour with Jeremy, he surprised us with a well researched interest in our Topanga Model! We took the specs and got to work, delivering the guitar a few days before the “I Will Follow” tour hit the road. We would like to allow him to tell you in his own words what he thinks about the overall craftsmanship and feel of the instrument! Check it out and feel free to join the conversation!













Man shows up on the scene and makes minimal progress throughout documented history. The wheel, gunpowder, a few empires here and there….. A few thousand years down the line we created the electric guitar! Took long enough right?


Now everything we’ve ever done to make life better by the way of invention has mainly been driven by necessity. The invention or innovation was always started with the end in mind, and the project had to meet certain needs and/or solve a specific problem. The only way to do that properly was by one word….. CUSTOMIZATION!!

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to guitars. Choosing your color and having the option of either a gig bag or hard case just isn’t enough to make it feel as if it were meant for you and you alone. Paying all the money for whatever your local shop has in store or online may not compare with the feeling of buying a custom tailored suit for the big day, and for good reason. The neck needs to feel like it was made for your hand, the woods need to compliment your playing style, the pickups need to serve up tone exactly as you’d expected. Knowing that any one of these not being what the doctor ordered will result in a guitar that becomes the most expensive piece of unused furniture you own. So why not make it your own from the get go?

We make a living with them. They put dinner on the table and send kids through college. Why would we ever give up the time honored tradition of buying or building an instrument that is made with our specific wants and needs in mind? While I can’t answer that question with certainty, I can definitely tell you why you should choose CUSTOM OVER COOKIE CUTTER FOR YOUR NEXT GUITAR!!

Here we are! The top 5 reasons you should choose to order a custom shop!

#1) Someone To Talk To!

In sorting out all the options that will indefinitely make your custom guitar the greatest thing known to man, you’ll need a partner. Someone to go over specs and steer you in the right direction. Any reputable custom guitar shop will have a rep that knows every nook and cranny of their instruments, or has access to get the answers in a timely manner. It’s important to make that initial contact  to hash out any questions or concerns with the manufacturer or an authorized dealer, in order to get the meat and potatoes of the build outlined. What you’ll find (or should find anyway) is that the voice on the other end is extremely enthusiastic about serving you, and is listening to every word you have to say, because in the end, we don’t want to miss anything that you had the highest of hopes for in your new build! Your manufacturer should be as excited to build you a guitar as you are to receive and play it!

#2) Expert Advice!

Custom shops are directly involved in the build so they have the most detailed information you can find. While there are tons of forums and websites dedicated to informing the buying public about existing models and specs, they have minimal information on what happens if you decide to swap out that rosewood fretboard for ebony, or have a question on whether roasted maple is the right neck wood for you. If you have a custom color in mind and wonder if it will come out as expected on spalted maple as opposed to flame maple or burl. These sources of information will be no help. If you’re thirsty for information then it’s best to come to the source. A manufactures dealer network should be as knowledgeable as the builder itself as well. If they don’t have the answer, then they should have the ability to call the builders themselves and get you an answer in a timely manner! Have you ever emailed a company via “contact us” and never got a response back? Did you buy the guitar anyway? I rest my case….

#3) Options Options Options!!!

There are tons of body woods, neck woods, fretboard choices, wiring options, neck shapes, fret sizes and materials, nut materials, string gauges with matching hand cut nuts, bridge and tuner options, pickup options, color choices, and combinations that would make your head spin!!!!! Bottom line, you have none of them available to you on a “COOKIE CUTTER” guitar! Variety is the spice of life! Go custom so you can explore the possibilities! (To navigate them all, see reasons 1 and 2)

#4) Personalized Tone and Playability!

This guitar is all about you! It should look, play and feel just how you want it to. Specking a custom guitar is a very enjoyable experience and it definitely builds up a ton of anticipation as to how it will look and perform once it’s delivered. It’s your manufacturer and dealers job to effectively take down your specs and direct you towards the options that will no doubt become the build of your dreams. a guitar that you will fall in love with at first sight and fall deeper in love with after playing it or the first time. You rarely get that from a guitar that was ordered with a mere choice of color option and maybe if you’re lucky, your choice of hardware color. Which leads us to our final reason to choose a custom shop for your next guitar!!

#5) Bragging Rights!!

By the time you’re done specking your custom guitar, you will have become an expert yourself! You will have had all of your questions answered in detail. You will have new information about all the reasons you chose the woods, hardware and electronics options you did. Your color choice will be the perfect compliment to your on stage persona or personal tastes! If you’re really lucky then you will have the right to say that your manufacturer even went so far as to choose your woods by hand and allow you to pick your favorite to be used on your build!  From top to bottom you will have had the buying experience of a lifetime and will be able to walk away satisfied knowing that this is the guitar you’ve been waiting for. Your dealer listened to you. Your manufacturer appreciated your business and your insights. Both dealer and manufacturer are excited to hear back from you after it’s delivered to see how you like it! And you can easily say that if given the chance, you would do it all over again!

All that being said, we don’t see the need for a big outro to end this post. If you are on the fence about going custom on your next guitar, please give us a shout at info@lslinstruments.com. Everything you just read is a glimpse of the experience you can expect to have by building your next guitar with LSL Instruments!





Is Simple Better For A Shred Guitar?

The time old question of what works and what doesn’t. Tradition would tell us that a simple alder body and maple neck will do the trick every time if you’re looking for a well rounded tone for blues, or rock. But what about the metalhead that loves the old fashioned “STRAT” (trademarked) body style and neck shapes, but just isn’t getting that “ummffff” they’re looking for?

This is where the plot thickens! Now my personal tastes lean towards metal so I have my own secret recipe for devastating tone that melts the face of onlookers and listeners. I’ll share that recipe and would like to encourage others to join the conversation and share your favorite body wood/pickup combo/neck and fretboard configurations!

My personal favorite is a simple Swamp Ash body with a Roasted Maple neck and Ebony fingerboard. What I love about this is the fact that the mids are naturally scooped, however the bass remains punchy and the top end stays crisp! I go with the Roasted Maple because the moisture and impurities have been removed, therefore you end up with an “aged” sounding neck that has added snap, responsiveness and resonance. An oil finish on the neck is a must, as I prefer to feel the raw wood on my palm and under my fingertips. Jumbo frets in Stainless Steel are always a nice to have, but I’m totally fine with nickel from a tonal standpoint because after years of testing them against Stainless Steel frets, I can only hear a slight difference when the guitar is not plugged in, so I’m ok with or without them.

As for pickups, I’m not particularly inclined towards any brand or style but I prefer them to be hot with lots of bite in the bridge, yet a jazzy type humbucker in the neck for clean tones. I prefer my bridge to read anywhere between 13 and 16 and I like the neck to read consistently at around 9.

A slim neck profile with anywhere from a 10″-16″ radius is fine for me but anything flatter than that would be on a case by case basis. I certainly would not spec a guitar any flatter than that, but if I were buying it off the shelf it would not even get close to being a deal breaker at all if it were even up to 20″!

Well that’s my 2 cents. Definitely not gospel as far as what works and what doesn’t but it’s what works for me.

We’d love to hear your favorite combo!

***Disclaimer*** I work with LSL Instruments and can be reached for sales questions at info@lslinstruments.com

****This blog is in no way shape or form meant to relay or represent the thoughts or opinions of the company as a whole, and anything discussed here is all for discussion purposes. LSL Instruments is not responsible for vulgarities, views, statements or anything else protected by the 1st amendment of our USA constitution.

LSL Instruments Presents The XT3-DX!

The best part about building custom guitars is that “the good ol’ days” are never far behind us. In fact they are right around every corner! This is a business that is only relevant to the customer that has the exact same vision as the builder. A guitar has to speak to that customer, by a familiar yet distinct design, quality components and woods,  along with an easily perceived heir of quality and craftsmanship that demands their attention.

Once you’ve got their attention, the real test begins, because every player in the custom boutique guitar market is ultimately on the hunt for two things… TONE and PLAYABILITY!

LSL Instruments (https://www.lslinstruments.com/) saw the demand for a high quality “Super-Sat” as a cry for help from our fans and customers. Pickguards aren’t for everyone, and many players prefer the meaty resonance of a rear routed shred machine that’s built for speed. If you’ve been following LSL instruments for any given time, you’ll remember we debuted the XT1 and XT2 at NAMM 2014.  These were well received and moved nicely among the fans of fast playing guitars and those that had no use for a tone knob! The satin finished roasted maple neck had owners drooling over its smooth playability, and the hotter hand wound pickups were an excellent compliment to even the highest gain amplifiers. However today’s modern shredder is in need of much more versatility than either the XT1 or XT2 had to offer.

Here are a few highlights of what makes the XT3-DX:

*The XT3-DX represents its HSH 3 pickup design. Today’s modern player requires as many pickup combinations as you can fit on a 5 way switch, and to offer that requires an HSH pickup configuration. We coupled that with a push pull function to tap both the neck and bridge humbuckers to give both “S” and “T” (among other) tonal capabilities.

*Highly figured exotic top woods! While we do reserve the highest figured tops for special requests, we are proud to offer up to our AAA tops on the XT3-DX! These tops are stunning and range from Quilted Maple, Flame Maple, Figured Walnut, Figured Koa and more! We also offer hand selected 4A and 5A tops for an extra fee if you desire the more luxurious route!

*Finish Options! Most flagship models are only available in one option. While we finish ALL of our guitars in Nitro Cellulose Lacquer, the customer may choose their own finish type such as gloss, matte/satin or oiled. We also offer the build in whatever aging level fits your liking! Light, medium or heavy aging are all covered in the cost of the build! This is huge for many guitar buyers, because until now you had to choose a build based off of it being either a clean or relic’d guitar and each had their own set specs that couldn’t change. This can be a clean new guitar, an oiled exotic furniture piece or an aged masterpiece!! Check out the links below for aging options! (The XT3-DX above was a super light NOS finish)

*Choice of colors!!*** (Some colors are considered custom) Any color from our LSL color index is fair game! This allows you to have a guitar as unique as you are.

*Slimmer neck profiles and non conventional neck shapes are a must have option, because every player is different and must have the freedom to request what is most comfortable for them within reason** Many guitar companies offer “ONE” neck shape on their flagship models. This can be quite disappointing to the player that has been on the hunt for the right guitar, but the neck shape is a non negotiable and must be ordered as a custom. (Which is accompanied by a custom price tag)

*Non locking tremolo options. While the tried and true locking trem from both the previous XT’s is a must have for many metal players, today’s player has spoken unanimously in favor of a non locking option. We have added the option for a Gotoh 510 2 Post trem on the XT3.

*Stainless Steel frets! Need we say more?

*Fretboard options. Many guitar companies decide which fretboard material is to be used on their flagship models. We think you should be able to choose what feels best for you, so you have the option of either Roasted Maple or Indian Rosewood without fear of a related charge.

There’s so much that goes into the making of the new XT3-DX and we had you the customer in mind while designing it! Be sure to keep an eye out for them at your local LSL dealers and online as well! Artists and potential new dealers may contact us directly for more information and all sales questions can be sent to info@lslinstruments.com!


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