NAMM 2021 Cancelled Due To COVID-19!

I gotta tell you I’m not surprised that NAMM has officially announced that they have cancelled this years event due to COVID-19 / Coronavirus concerns. While LSL Instruments had planned on not attending this year for our own reasons as a company, it makes perfect sense that such a massive organization such as NAMM would … Continue reading NAMM 2021 Cancelled Due To COVID-19!

Coronavirus Forces Trumps Tavel Ban On Europe – How Will This Effect Touring Musicians, Concerts and Festivals?

Coronavirus Has taken the wind out of the sails of over 120,000 people worldwide and has proven to have a death toll higher than the seasonal flu that we have all battled an won against. While the virus continues to spread globally and cause panic in certain countries more than others, we here in the … Continue reading Coronavirus Forces Trumps Tavel Ban On Europe – How Will This Effect Touring Musicians, Concerts and Festivals?


WHO IS RADBOUD WITHAAR!?As you know very well by keeping a watchful eye on social media, the world of stellar guitar players is growing exponentially and there are more and more guys and gals out there doing an excellent job at wetting the proverbial whistle of spectators worldwide! And yet throughout these platforms and throughout … Continue reading UNLEAVENED SHRED ARTIST SPOTLIGHT – RADBOUD WITHAAR!


If you have been paying attention at all over the last few years to anything even remotely related to guitar playing on Instagram, then you have come across the ever popular Annie Wagstaff! AKA @annieplaysguitar

LSL Instruments “Roasted Maple Roasted Swamp Ash Run” Limited Run For Peach Guitars!! Part 2 – “Clover”

Welcome to part 2 of the Roasted Run series!! Since we last spoke, yet another of these beautiful guitars has sold to a very delighted customer and we are down to only 7 of these Limited edition guitars left!!

Skype Lessons With Thomas Griggs!!

Learn more about taking your playing to the next level with the insanely talented University of Tampa and Berklee College of Music trained guitarist of INTERVALS Thomas Griggs!

LSL Instruments “Roasted Maple Roasted Swamp Ash Run” Limited Run For Peach Guitars!! Part 1 – “Roxey” Let's Start The Show!Nowadays the custom guitar market is more competitive than ever! Builders are producing the best guitars money can buy and slews of brilliant ideas are becoming more and more common. Most of the time you'll see beautiful top woods and custom finishes that are stunning. Catching the eye of potential guitar … Continue reading LSL Instruments “Roasted Maple Roasted Swamp Ash Run” Limited Run For Peach Guitars!! Part 1 – “Roxey”

Unleavened Shred Artist Spotlight!! Thomas Griggs

Join us for an up close and personal look at LSL Instruments premier artist Thomas Griggs!! Also known as Griggly Bear!!! We love this guy and we think you will too after today’s Artist Spotlight!

LSL Instruments Saticoy!! Vintage vibe with a twist this time!

We’ve broken the mold this time on this custom Saticoy built for Righteous Guitars!! Roasted Alder! Roasted Flame Maple! Locking Tuners and More!!

Custom Guitar Heaven!! LSL Instruments XT4DX Exotic Cocobolo/Black Limba!!

Here At LSL Instruments we are proud to bring you the finest guitars money can buy! It’s not very often we have stock guitars available for purchase, because we’re always sold out! Have a look at this fully exotic NAMM Show 2019 XT4DX! Claim her today!

UNLEAVENED SHRED SHOW – EPISODE 2 – Adam Christianson Signature Baritone

Click The Link To Watch The Show!  Adam Christianson Signature Baritone! Here's The History!!We here at LSL Instruments are thrilled to release our newest offering! The Bari Bone! The build itself was not on our horizon initially, however a conversation with our good friend Adam Christianson ( of the U.K. based Metalcore band Architects ( … Continue reading UNLEAVENED SHRED SHOW – EPISODE 2 – Adam Christianson Signature Baritone

LSL Instruments – This Weeks Available Custom Guitars!

It’s not every day that we here at LSL Instruments have Available stock due to the high demand. Our production pipeline is completely full with custom orders, but we’ve made room for a few winners available as stock!!

Unleavened Shred Show – Episode 1 – Maple vs Roasted Maple!

Welcome to episode 1 of The Unleavened Shred Show!

Today’s discussion is on the difference between Maple vs Roasted Maple as a neck wood material!

LSL Instruments – 5 Reasons To Choose Roasted Maple For Your Next Custom Guitar!

Have you been considering a roasted maple neck on your next custom guitar but are in need of clarification? Here's 5 reasons why Roasted Maple may or may not be right for you!

Custom Guitar Heaven! New Builds At LSL Instruments!

It's not everyday we have stock custom guitars available! Check out our latest offerings hot off the line... they're available on a first come first serve basis... So connect with us now!

Custom Guitar Heaven! Koa Semi Hollow Soladita!

We're constantly trying to break the mold and bring you the best guitar money can buy!! This custom Hollow body Soladita with exotic Koa top is a fine example of that commitment! Please join us in exploring what makes this build unique!


Here at UNLEAVENED SHRED We do our best to give you the insight that most Custom Shops won't. Letting you in to the secret lives of Luthiers working hard to bring you the builds that inspire and entice the masses daily across the globe.

Custom Guitars At LSL Instruments! A Week In Review!

Let's start the show!!!We here at LSL instruments have been continually pushing ourselves to bring you the best guitar's money can buy over the last 10 years! We try to be a diverse company that runs the gamut from traditional believable relic builds, historically accurate recreations, up to modern and groundbreaking builds featuring exotic woods … Continue reading Custom Guitars At LSL Instruments! A Week In Review!

One Off Custom Guitars… Yeah We Do That!

It Starts With A Vision It always starts innocently enough... Phone rings or an email comes in, inquiring about a new build. I ask a few questions to get the party started. What body style are you looking for, what sound are you after so we can narrow down your body woods, neck woods and … Continue reading One Off Custom Guitars… Yeah We Do That!

NAMM 2018: A Success Story From LSL Instruments!

But just building the best custom guitars money can buy isn't enough. It's as the old saying goes "If a tree falls in the woods, and there's no one around to here it... does it make a sound?"

NAMM 2018 Update! LSL Instruments Releases The 24 Fret XT4DX!

When I first joined the company the first question that was asked to me was "what would you do differently to grow the company"?
My answer was beyond simple. "Lose the pick guard... throw on a fancy top give the people what they want, and listen to their requests before denying them the options they want, and watch them fly off the shelf!"

NAMM 2018 Update! Tyler Szalkowski Of State Champs Joins The LSL Instruments Family!

Take It From The Top!! State Champs Guitarist Tyler Szalkowski Joins The Family! Punks Not Dead!!! It's been a long time since I've been able to mutter those words and it feels so good!! New York has always been a central hub for excellent punk bands, and has a notorious scene that has only gotten … Continue reading NAMM 2018 Update! Tyler Szalkowski Of State Champs Joins The LSL Instruments Family!

LSL Instruments: Road To NAMM 2018! Custom Guitar Heaven!

We've done some insane builds! We've added a handful of top notch dealers and distributors that will no doubt represent LSL with integrity and commitment to serving our customers here in the USA. We've added a quality roster of worldwide distributors that are more than capable to service our international customers in light of new CITES regulations. And we've added some of the finest up and coming artists to our roster this year that have done a fantastic job in representing the brand!

LSL Instruments Presents – A “Motley Build” Mick Mars Tribute! “MickE5”

When you embark on a mission to impress the masses with a custom guitar, you have to start with something your fans can resonate with. Something they can relate to. Something that they feel connected to in some strange inexplicable way that just feels right. Not necessarily something they have seen before or owned once upon a time, and not necessarily something that they had in mind for their next build even.

Your Next Custom Guitar! Part 1

Let the Games Begin!!! It's the holiday season! A time to be selfless and give to others and bring joy into your loved ones lives...right? I agree! Happy wife, happy life! We all know that! Now in the back of your mind you have a special place carved away for the things you have always … Continue reading Your Next Custom Guitar! Part 1

LSL Instruments Presents – The New XT3DX! A Modern Twist To A Timeless Shred Machine!

Pushing Our Boundaries With Intention. We have had a ton of feedback and questions about the newest model released from LSL Instruments this year. The XT3DX has definitely made some serious waves in the custom guitar community in 2017! We'd like to take a moment and tell you about our vision and intentions for the … Continue reading LSL Instruments Presents – The New XT3DX! A Modern Twist To A Timeless Shred Machine!

LSL Instruments Paisley Limited Run! The Run Has Arrived! Every year we offer the opportunity to take part in a very very exclusive and limited run of Paisley builds that sell out every time! On average we keep the number right around 12 pieces and we do not sell them as one off guitars. Many manufacturers run them as … Continue reading LSL Instruments Paisley Limited Run!

LSL Instruments Joins The Geartalk #GEARTALKCHALLENGE

#geartalkchallenge has arrived!

What’s With All The Pink Guitars!?

Pink Is The New Black! So let's dive right in! I thought we'd have a little fun with this weeks blog post and ask a question that Lance and myself have been wondering for the last few months.... "What's with all the pink guitars lately!?" We love em'!  Love building them... And we love sharing … Continue reading What’s With All The Pink Guitars!?

LSL Instruments Presents The New Reclaimed Pine “BARN BONE”!

The Barn Bone was conceived out of a desire to build a meat and potatoes, no frills, no fancy specs, straight to the point T style guitar. Once the idea was on the table it was time to source the woods. We did our homework and found a local supplier that specialized in reclaimed barn woods and decided to pay him a visit. 

LSL Instruments Build Spotlight – Custom Saticoy “Golden” For Shawn Tubbs

In this build spotlight we will be talking about a custom Saticoy we did recently for a player that needs no introduction.... Shawn Tubbs!

I've known my fair share of quality musicians through the years, and try to work with not only top shelf talent, but players with integrity and class. Shawn Tubbs embodies both. He is the guitarist for Carrie Underwood, accomplished songwriter, producer, product demo pro, and guitar instructor.  His Youtube account has nearly 8k die hard subscribers that eagerly await his next demo, each one with it's own custom song to kick things off.

LSL Instruments And Sweetwater Present Premier Artist Spotlight – Carl Verheyen! “ESSENTIAL BLUES”

Carl Verheyen is no stranger to studio work. He has been one of LA’s elite “first call” session guitarists since 1992. He has won awards, he has won polls, and he’s a member of English rock band Supertramp. Carl knows studios almost as well as he knows how to play guitar. Plus he has made a name for himself around the world with 14 studio albums of his own. So when Carl called Sweetwater Studios to record his newest album, Essential Blues, we were thrilled.

LSL Instruments Premier Artist Spotlight – Seth Rosenbloom!

Any one who's a fan of the blues would benefit from knowing and loving Seth Rosenbloom! His technique is impeccable and his chops are tasteful and intriguing. With Influences ranging from BB King, Joe Bonamassa, Elmore James and Albert King, his playing style is a welcome addition to any blues enthusiast library. 

LSL Instruments Signature Model Saticoy! Carl Verheyen “CV” !

Click Here to Buy Your D'addario NYXL's  And Support The Blog! Carl Verheyen Signature "CV" Saticoy Specs! Model: CVS Saticoy AGING SPECS: Body Aging: Light Neck Aging: Light Hardware Aging: Light HARDWARE SPECS: Hardware: Chrome Bridge: Gotoh Vintage 6 Screw Tuners: Gotoh Vintage Knobs: Parchment BODY SPECS: Body Wood: Lightweight Alder Top Wood: None … Continue reading LSL Instruments Signature Model Saticoy! Carl Verheyen “CV” !

UNLEAVENED EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – ADAM CHRISTIANSON OF ARCHITECTS LETS GET STARTED!Adam Christianson is not only an accomplished player and solo tone slinger, well known in his native land of Canada, but he is also known world wide for his membership in the immensely popular U.K. Metalcore band ARCHITECTS! They've sold more records than most bands on the scene, sell out nearly every … Continue reading UNLEAVENED EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – ADAM CHRISTIANSON OF ARCHITECTS